Time for a Change

May 7th, 2014

The teal and yellow combination isn’t doing it for me. And I don’t know how we can hang a towel on the the nonexistent towel rack. Luckily, our toilet is still in good shape.

And really, I gotta be thankful we have a toilet, right? At least we don’t have to use a bucket.

We are planning our house’s Bolton bathrooms. We have the tile chosen and the paint picked out. The bathtub will have relaxing jets for when one of us wants to take a relaxing bath. One room with be solely for the kids, and one will be for the adults.

Just thinking about a new bathroom makes me feel peaceful. I can smell it too with “Tranquility” and “Serenity” burning on the counter.

But before that happens, I guess we gotta get out the sledge hammer and gut the room. Maybe we will be using a bucket for a while after all.

Things can happen

April 8th, 2014

Each and every time my mom and sisters get together we always have a great time. The love of our family and spending quality time is so important. We like to joke and love to laugh. It started with my mom when she was about my age. Now after each one of us(three) girls had children the tendency to have a problem occurs. We are very active and spend time outdoors with our children running, jumping on the trampoline and playing ball. We enjoy being able to sit at the dinner table and visit about everything. The fear of having an accident seems to appear during the times when memories are made. I had to start wearing protection in a small for in the beginning. I started with liners and then had to move to incontinence pads. I know this runs in the family and have now accepted it.

My Best Gift

March 29th, 2014

I have always known that I couldn’t hear well. I struggle to read lips when people talk to me. I turn the TV and radio way up, so I can hear, but this annoys those around me. However, I have never been in a good place financially that I could actually afford a pair of hearing aids Chester. I work hard, but there is no money left over at the end of the month. I take care of my kids and worry about myself last. I recently joined a civic organization and have been volunteering regularly to help local veterans in our area.

Imagine my surprise when the president of the civic organization approached me to ask if I would accept a gift from the chapter. I was wary until he told me they would pay for my visit to the doctor and the aids I needed to hear. They helped me because I help them.

Ears to You

March 4th, 2014

I need to get my hearing checked. My suspect auditory skills are probably why I have a client who just called and said he did not need a price for a ton of pea gravel. He was nice about it, saying, “Wish I knew what to do with such a large load of small rock.” Perhaps I should not have blamed the clarity of my hearing, as there is the distinct possibility my lack of focus may have been the root of the problem. It is not the first time I misunderstood what someone said or requested. Perhaps I should consider changing careers. As a travel agent, my hearing, and most certainly my focus, need to be optimal. So far, my poor hearing/focus has been the cause minor mistakes. But I do feel bad for this client, since he was seeking prices for “fun and sea travel.”

Keeping the Cat Off the Windows

February 23rd, 2014

continually climbed into the window and got tangled in the blind cord in his attempt to play with it as it began swinging from his jump. Now he is quite disappointed. While in the home remodel store, I stumbled across the most gorgeous shutter blinds Manchester in a deep mahogany color I couldn’t resist. The blinds slide open and shut with a handle inside and allow in so much more light than my old aluminum ones did while being easier to clean. This is great for me as a working mom with zero time to clean blinds. However, Whiskers is less than amused. Now not only does he not have his favorite toy cord to bat at. A small price to pay for ease in cleaning!

Homemade Ice Cream

February 21st, 2014

As a “city boy” living in the country, my friends and family take great joy in teasing and tricking me about the ways of country living. The results usually end up with me looking foolish, and them sharing a great laugh.
In fact, when I first moved to the country years ago, I was introduced to the concept of making ice cream, rather than just buying it from the store. I watched dubiously as the girl I was with, who is now my wife, added several contents to a small sandwich baggie. Then, in a freezer baggie, she placed ice and rock salt. Placing the smaller baggie in the larger one, she handed them to me and told me to shake the bags.

I quickly protested, expecting this to be some sort of country chemical bomb. She insisted, and I relented and shook the bag with the slightest motion possible. The laughter ensued at my naivete, and boy was I surprised when I took my first bite of this homemade ice cream.

Morning Routine

February 13th, 2014

Adele slapped the alarm off and sighed before throwing her feet over the side of the bed. Another day, another dollar, she thought as she trudged into the bathroom. The smell of coffee, her coffee pot on a timer to make sure that was the smell that greeted her upon awakening, filled the chill morning air with the smell of happiness. At least that’s what Adele thought that smell was and she was sure most caffeine addicts would agree.

She stared into the mirror for a moment before washing up. Yeesh, she thought I need a makeup artist Manchester. She pushed the thought aside to wash up before jumping in the shower, hoping the pulsating spray would begin the job she was depending on the coffee to finish of waking her up. Thirty minutes later, she walked out of her apartment, travel mug in hand, ready to face the day.

My first date with Hans

January 16th, 2014

Even though I am very new to the dating game I have learned that it is always best to arrange a date in a public place with someone you have only just ‘met’. I had been emailing and speaking to Hans on the telephone for just over a couple of months when he suggested that I call round to his apartment one evening for a chat and a few beers. I felt as though he could be trusted but I really didn’t feel comfortable with his idea so I asked him if he would be happy to meet me in a bar in any of the Hong Kong hotels in the centre of the city. He told me that the decision was mine so then all I had to do was decide what to wear. I was still a little bit nervous about our first date but that was part of the excitement. Hans made such a positive impression on me that we have dated each other several times since although I still haven’t accepted his offer to go to his home.